My name is Julien Troussier, I was born in France and I now live in Geneva Switzerland, with my wife Christine, our son Luca and Mr Peanut, who is kind enough to make sure I get up at the crack of dawn every morning. The call of the wild...

I work for this magical organisation called The Forest Trust, a group of people working between worlds, doing our bit to heal nature and people. I am never really sure how to describe what I do there or in my life in general. And maybe that's ok, I am being Julien, as best as I can.

I never enjoyed writing or even reading so much. School killed it for me, or perhaps never allowed it to be born. With time, many kind souls encouraged me to do it anyway. A few months ago, now in my late 30s, I wrote my first poem. I loved it. I hope you enjoy reading some of those and the stories on this site. 

You can write to me at jtroussier@gmail.com