Turn to grace

Follow your Bliss, Find your Flow,
Different words, same primordial yearning.
I get up this morning, striving again to find my place in the world,
That place where I will finally give myself.
No life draining sacrifice,
Not trying to be good,
Not trying to please,
That simple nourishing joy,
Born of my nature.

Just as the tree on my street corner reaches out to the world around him,
Between the cracks, through the noise,
Bright above, dark below,
Leaves breathing in excess carbon,
Roots dancing around steel pipes,
Finding joy in giving and receiving,
Shivering blissfully to the wind's caress,
Bowing as the anxious pedestrian passes by,
Effortlessly, undividedly, unexpectantly,
This is who I am, this is what I do.

Perhaps all that striving stands in the way,
This desire to be elsewhere,
Looking for the right conditions to come.
Time, Space,
All the perfectly good reasons.
What if I just start doing what I love
Here, now,
What if I just write.

This morning I begin
Let the restless street spirit blow in.
Finding my ground through floors of concrete,
I write.
Effortlessly, undividedly, unexpectantly for a few life-giving minutes
That someday might well just grow into hours.

Bliss, Flow, I choose Grace
That beautiful word
That soft embrace
Murmur of the soul
Moment of truth
In the middle of it all
Our urban garden
Ever patiently waiting for us
Life's gift to us, our gift to life
Today I turn to You
I turn to Grace

The Serpent

Sick in the stomach again
Every meal an unwanted conversation
I obsess, I fear your gifts
I measure, I control
That juicy apple, that sweet poison.

Too much, too little
In closed circles I go
I force to grow into someone else
I reduce to the point of disappearing
Skinny boy, fragile one,
You do not belong on life's playground.

I fear what nourishes me
Life feeding on Life
Consuming itself
Shedding its skins
Seeking a new expression
I live
I am part of creation

We each have a place in the order of things
That no one else can fulfil for us
As the great chaos takes you
Let yourself fall
Spiral to the center
Where the serpent rests
That great teacher.
Feel, smell, touch, devour
A ferocious bite
Into Life's insistent reminder
To fall in love again with her
To have the guts
To take your place
Until the moment comes
To offer yourself

Our Element

The urgency of change, 
Changing ourselves
Changing the world
Drifting ever faster
Away from ourselves
Far from each other.

What if Life invited us to receive?
Receiving truth, beauty and goodness
The pulsating light
The swirling waters
We have learned not to see
In and around us

Receiving fear, pain and brokenness
The porous rock, 
The abandoned land
Waiting for our mercy
For truth, beauty and goodness to bloom
In and around us

Receiving the movement of the universe
Bright suns folding into dark holes
Elementary particles meeting into space
Seeking nothing but our full participation
To be part of the dancing fire
In and around us

Change is a state of being, 
We are only asked to attune to.
To be empty of what we know
Blessing stars and stones
As we flow through Life
As love flows through us

L'étoile de Bethléem

The distant longing
The muted call
40 days, months, years in the making
A being in gestation
Hoping never to leave the womb
Fed, comfortable in darkness
Protected from life
Yearning yet terrified of his own birth
Heartbeats resounding across the great expanse
Your time has come to cross the threshold.

She screams, she breathes, she dances
A primal, relentless pain
A raw, transcending power
Fragile, immense, echoing through time
Death, Life, so close
I am helpless, I fear for her, I pray.
Alone, she carries a child
Battling through waves of shifting sand
Spiraling among clouds of scintillating stardust
With eyes wide open

13 hours, centuries, millennia pass
Nature in need of our intervention
A human in the system
A luminous crack in the white house
Middle man of the soul
In exile from Rome
Pushed to comply
Pulling for Life
Giving birth despite it all
Setting free a radiant spirit.

Witnessing mystery
I bow to her
Forever in awe of you
I cry
My love.
Do not be afraid
The world is expecting you
He is calling your name
This, is the promised land
Welcome Luca


Our words fail
Our fears blind
To what starlings know in freedom.
Their dance an embrace of mystery
Resonant waves of abandon.

Our sky opens
Our nature spreads
As we each feel our path
Majesty carries us
To find each other
To create

Our plans drops
Our senses soar
As we breath life's great currents
Beauty calls us
To be free for each other
To fly


Creature of the underworld
Feeding on remains
Churning through rot
Nothing's below you
Darkness beholds

Now face him
Hold him
And his bright secret will be yours

The servant leader
The glorious farmer
The blind painter
Ingesting death, offering life
The deep, dark, fertile ground
The canvas for others' creation

Lowly, humbly, truly


The eagles have returned
In a place where only skies remain open.

Surrounded, on your knees
You plead the heavens
And as the last drop falls
In this cradle filled with dust
Something of you awaits.

You rise
When the only choice left is to be free
Waiting, circling, 
The fragile beauty behind the great fortress.

Your eyes, like swords, plunges upon me
Cutting me open
An open heart surgery
For this earth to turn black
And forever fertile.

A human offering to the natural laws
Restoring abundance
Letting walls disappear
Between life and me.

The morning mist
Reveals your secret garden