The Serpent

Sick in the stomach again
Every meal an unwanted conversation
I obsess, I fear your gifts
I measure, I control
That juicy apple, that sweet poison.

Too much, too little
In closed circles I go
I force to grow into someone else
I reduce to the point of disappearing
Skinny boy, fragile one,
You do not belong on life's playground.

I fear what nourishes me
Life feeding on Life
Consuming itself
Shedding its skins
Seeking a new expression
I live
I am part of creation

We each have a place in the order of things
That no one else can fulfil for us
As the great chaos takes you
Let yourself fall
Spiral to the center
Where the serpent rests
That great teacher.
Feel, smell, touch, devour
A ferocious bite
Into Life's insistent reminder
To fall in love again with her
To have the guts
To take your place
Until the moment comes
To offer yourself