Our Element

The urgency of change, 
Changing ourselves
Changing the world
Drifting ever faster
Away from ourselves
Far from each other.

What if Life invited us to receive?
Receiving truth, beauty and goodness
The pulsating light
The swirling waters
We have learned not to see
In and around us

Receiving fear, pain and brokenness
The porous rock, 
The abandoned land
Waiting for our mercy
For truth, beauty and goodness to bloom
In and around us

Receiving the movement of the universe
Bright suns folding into dark holes
Elementary particles meeting into space
Seeking nothing but our full participation
To be part of the dancing fire
In and around us

Change is a state of being, 
We are only asked to attune to.
To be empty of what we know
Blessing stars and stones
As we flow through Life
As love flows through us